Hydrocarbon potentials of the Middle East and North Africa

Welcome to Middle East Geological and Environmental Establishment

MEGE is a consulting company that has been registered in United Arab Emirates since 1994. The company conducts exploration and production studies for the hydrocarbon industry in the Middle East and North Africa. We offer comprehensive Petroleum Systems and Geology reports for each country of the Middle East and North Africa. We also have assembled Basin Data and Evaluation Packages and studies of local reservoirs and source rocks.

Our reports consist of collated, updated, reviewed and evaluated of data designed to help evaluate prospective areas and potential land positions.

The Middle East Geological and Environmental Establishment is in a unique position to synthesize the geology of the different countries of the Middle East. In addition to in-house and consulting reports, we have assembled a comprehensive data base. Much of these data provided in our reports for the Petroleum Geology of each of the countries in Middle East and North Africa have not yet been incorporated into the framework of modern exploration. This data base represents a comprehensive compilation of the geology and hydrocarbon potential for each of the countries we have studied.

Our reports will be invaluable to explorationists who require a comprehensive review and understanding of the potential of an area. The writers have used all available open-file geologic data, so our work represents some of the most comprehensive regional studies available for each of those areas. The results of each study are synthesized into a comprehensive text, and a series of figures, and also bibliographies was prepared that covers the region.

MEGE Services:

We create special reports on :

  • Countries
  • Portions of the geologic record
  • Selected oil and gas fields
  • Field trips
  • Short courses
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